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Ocean Born - Flying Popper SLD Green Mackerel 140mm 112g

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Ocean Born - Flying Popper SLD Green Mackerel 140mm 112g

Ocean Born - Flying Popper SLD (Super Long Distance) Green Mackerel 140mm 112g

The Flying Popper is a classic design with a difference. The traditional narrow-neck popper is known for castability and versatility – it works in all conditions, including rough water and current. But the Flying Popper is a leap forward in design. The side wings enhance aerodynamics and give the lure lift once its in the water. The low air friction ribs reduce air resistance and add water turbulence. Because of its versatility, you can make the Flying Popper pop, spit, walk or create a bubble trail.

Ocean Born Brand
Model Flying Popper
Length 140mm
Colour Green Mackerel
Weight 112gm
Floating but Super Long Distance Caster
Rigged with 2 6X Trebles

A well designed and highly effective popper for all sorts of pelagic fish, but in NZ particularly great for kingies. Lots of action to attract hard to catch fish. Fantastic long distance casters.

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