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Longline fishing is originally a commercial fishing technique but it has been adapted for the recreational angler too. We have a range of complete longline kits with everything you need to get you started. 

SET LINE REGULATIONS: All surface floats attached to any line must be marked with the fishers initials and surname. No person may use more than one line (Other than hand lines or rods and reels). No person may possess a line with more than 25 hooks. Where more than one person is using a line from a vessel(Other than rod & reel lines) no more than two lines (Other than rod & reel lines) may be used, set from or possessed on board vessel. 

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Longline Beach Pack 1:1 330lb 1000m Combo
Longline Beach Pack 1:1 330lb 1000m ComboEverything you need for your longline for the beach featuri..
Ex Tax: $260.86
Bite Long line Boat Pack-Combo
Bite Long line Boat Pack-Combo It comes complete with anchors, floats, line reel with traces and hoo..
Ex Tax: $260.86
Beach Long Line Set
Beach Long Line Set Reel, 1000m 230lbs line, 25 traces, and Beach SpikeHere is a decent beach long l..
Ex Tax: $243.47
Boat Long Line Set Heavy Duty
Boat Long Line Set Heavy DutyThis long line is easy to use and keeps line really tidy. This works we..
Ex Tax: $139.12
Deluxe Long Line Set
Jarvis Walker
Here is a well made heavy duty set line from Jarvis Walker designed to give long trouble free l..
Ex Tax: $130.43
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