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So You Want To Catch… Kingfish on fly

So You Want To Catch… Kingfish on fly

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Kingfish are one of the best fighting sports fish swimming in New Zealand waters and are found in good numbers around the North Island and top half of the South. They can present their challenges for both shore anglers and boat anglers alike but cane easily caught when the right techniques are implemented. Typically they will congregate in areas where smaller baitfish congregate or become vulnerable suchas rocky headlands with plenty of wash and currents, around jetties and wharfs.Recently anglers have made use of the fish species “ray riding” where Kingfisher follow stingrays into shallow water and actively hunt baitfish and small crustaceans alongside them. This has made them an ideal target for fly anglers as fishing shallow water or “the flats” is an exciting visual experience whereanglers are required to fish with a Hunt, chase and cast approach.

Kingfish are a fas tswimming predatory fish that respond well to flies with a large profile and water disturbance with speed.


Kingfish have become one of NZ's top saltwater fly species. Typically fished to with rod setups #8-11 these fish will really give you some serious fights to remember. A fly imitating any of the smaller baitfish species found in the area you are fishing stripped quickly past a Kingfish in feed mode and the action ison!

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