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Fishfighter Whitebait Scoop Net 12'

Brand: Fishfighter
Product Code: FF040025
Availability: In Stock

Fishfighter Whitebait Scoop Net 12'

Fishfighter Whitebait Scoop Net 12 foot

Comes with trap to hold bait in once inside - essential.
Has welded frame - So much stronger than the riveted frame.
Low Viz netting makes net more invisible than white netting - catches more bait.

Unlike the really cheap nets without the trap, welded frame and low viz netting, this one is designed to WORK WELL.

Low Viz Grey Colour for Bigger Catch
12' Circumference
Welded Frame for Added Strength
6 Foot Detachable Handle with Hand Grip
Detachable Net - Velcro Attachments

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