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Crucis Surf Salmon 10'6" 2 Piece Low Mount Rod

Brand: Crucis
Product Code: SS106
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Crucis Surf Salmon 10'6" 2 Piece Low Mount Rod

IDEAL SURF SALMON ROD Crucis 10'6" 2 Piece The New Benchmark

We have just received the latest high performance rods from Crucis. Experienced surf salmon angler and long time rod developer Malcolm Bell has been working on the development of a tough, high performance surf salmon rod made of the very latest Toray nano graphite out of Japan. These rods are a new level of lightness and strength, meaning you can cast further and fish longer at a price never before offered for a rod like this.

We developed this 10'6" rod to give really easy fishing at river mouths where a long cast is important, but less angler fatigue even more important. This rod is a total rethink of what is required for salmon spinning with its ability to cast from 35 - 90gms with absolute ease and a lightness to keep you fresh all day.

Model Crucis Surf Salmon
Length 10'6"
2 Piece
40 Ton Modulus Carbon
Lure Weight 35 - 90gm
Silicon Carbide Sea-Guides
Low Mount Trigger Reel Seat
Japanese Toray Graphite

Modeled on the best of English salmon rods from the past and reduced in length to give easy casting without sacrificing performance, this rod is a real performer made with the very latest nano technology. This length rod has impressed in our trials as it is capable of amazing distances and yet is easy to use for long periods of time. An absolute winner for surf salmon spinning.

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