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X Factor Unscented Eggs - Steelhead Orange

Brand: XFactor Tackle
Product Code: Xegscstor
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X Factor Unscented Eggs - Steelhead Orange

X Factor Eggs - Steelhead Orange

These artificial salmon eggs have been fished just about everywhere in the world where Salmon, Steelhead and Trout are present and both beginners and expert fisherman have had success with them. They have been drift fished, float fished and fished with a fly rod. They have been fished in canals, BIG rivers, small rivers, tiny streams, ponds and lakes. One common theme keeps reappearing; Fish just want to eat them.

- Look, feel and smell like natural bait
- Super soft. Unlike beads or other hard egg imitations, fish hold onto these eggs, allowing you to get a solid hookset
- Salmon, steelhead and trout think they are real due to feel, smell and look
- Durable. Catch multiple fish on a single bait (can't do that with roe!)
- 10 swirl color choices to fit any situation
- Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in the USA.
- Steelhead Orange / 100 eggs per pack

Steelhead orange
100 eggs per pack
8 mm size

Highly sought after for canal fishing, also works well wherever spawning fish are found. Easy to use for fly fishing as well simply thread onto hook and glue in place.

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