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Tekapo Twizel Canal Pack 2

Brand: Complete Angler
Product Code: CANALPACK2
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Tekapo Twizel Canal Pack 2

Tekapo Twizel Canal Pack 2

Want to have some fantastic soft bait fishing in the canals around Tekapo and Twizel? The Complete Angler team have been catching heaps of great salmon and trout by this method see for details.

The team has put together a deluxe pack of jig heads and soft baits that are immensely successful in the area.

Pack Includes:

3" Minnow Pack of 12 in:
- Smelt
- Emerald Shiner
- Lime Tiger
- Rainbow

1/16oz 1.8gm #2 Hook
1/12oz 2.4gm #2 Hook
1/4oz 7gm #1/0 Hook

Ideal for soft bait fishing in the likes of the Canals. Proven productive method. Great for general soft bait fishing in other areas.

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