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Stalker Tackle Green Cap with LED Lights

Brand: Stalker Tackle
Product Code: ACAP

Stalker Tackle Green Cap with LED Lights

FREAKIN BRIGHT! LED Green Cap Head lamp

This incredibly bright LED Green cap is one of the handiest outdoor items you will ever own. This isn't a gimmick! . This is a serious piece of high quality kit that will quickly replace that uncomfortable headlamp. Once more you don't have to carry an extra light and then dig it out when it gets dark! Wear this cap as you would any cap during the day and then when it gets too dark to see reach up and click!

Makes a really great gift for any outdoor member of the family and once more we can't stress the effectiveness of this item.

• LEDs offer these advantages over conventional incandescent bulbs:
• Incredibly energy efficient.
• Longer lasting.
• More compact.
• More durable.
• Comes with batteries.

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