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Spotters "Pivot" Hybrid Black & Polarised Photocromatic Penetrator Lens

Brand: Spotters Glasses
Product Code: PIVOTP
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Spotters "Pivot" Hybrid Black & Polarised Photocromatic Penetrator Lens

Spotters "Pivot" Gloss/Matte Hybrid Black & Polarised Photocromatic Penetrator Lens

The Piovt frame is a perfect fit for people who have a high/narrow bridge for their nose or high cheekbones, with a glossy front and matte black flexible frame arms these really are an awesome looking pair of sunglasses. These glasses really are good for all conditions and times of the day going from the early morning fishing to dusk. 

Penetrator high contrast bronze polarised lens,
This lens is ready for everyday use in any application, with this colour look it after your eyes actually relaxing them because of the bronze tint blocking out the harsh glare while increasing colour distinction giving the sharpest definition and hence fish spotting ability. 

• Polarised
• Photochromic
• Tight wrap, sits high on bridge of nose
• Flex fit frame arms
• Streamlined frame 
• Hand beveled
• Lens adjusts to your environment
• High contrast, enhanced depth and colour perception
• Perfect for foggy conditions, dawn/dusk, transitional light, shadowy conditions and the early morning haze

Frame Fit: Large
Colour: Gloss and Matte Black Frame
Gender: Unisex
Lens Type: Polarised Photochromic Penetrator Lens
Frame Width: 143.5mm
Bridge Width: 18.5mm
Lens Width: 65.2mm
Lens Height: 39.2mm


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