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Riverworks ZT Series Chest Wader

Brand: Riverworks
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Riverworks ZT Series Chest Wader

Riverworks ZT Series Chest Wader

The ZT Waders are amazing value for all freshwater fishermen. They're constructed from a lightweight, durable, three layer material that breathes and wicks away sweat quickly.

This material is supple for added comfort while moving, along with seam sealing, is also extremely waterproof. Two refined, anatomical booties with hard wearing 5mm neoprene provide the most comfortable fit without bunching or folding inside your boots. The built-in neoprene gravel guards are quick to pull over your boots and the quality lace hooks lock them firmly in place.

Articulated knees give a free range of movement while walking, wading or bending down to land your fish. The heavy duty webbing belt includes a large (cold hands friendly) buckle to secure your waders and secure any other necessary tools. Finally, the same buckles have used along with elastic shoulder harnesses for ease of access in and out of the waders.

• Articulated knees
• Inside chest pocket
• Webbing wading belt
• Non-central seam crotch design means a much stronger crotch with less room for stretch-pressure on seams.  
• Quality ergonomic neoprene socks
• Integrated neoprene gravel guard with lace hook

Colour: Grey / Green
Materials: 3 layer ActiveTec fabric
Waterproof Rating: 10,000mm
Breathability Rating: 6,000gm2 24hrs

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