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Primus Commuter Mug 0.3L - Orange

Brand: Primus
Product Code: P-737916 Orange
Availability: In Stock

Primus Commuter Mug 0.3L - Orange

Primus Commuter Mug 0.3L - Orange 

The Commuter Mug is a colorful insulated plastic mug, which secures the temperature of both cold and hot beverages. 

The tight-fitting silicon sealed lid, simple locking switch, and double-walled insulation keep your drink cold or hot on your way to work or by the campfire. The compact design takes up minimal space and accommodates a variety of vehicle cup holders. Add some color to your life!

• Plastic double-walled mug that holds your favourite beverage.
• Silicone seals insure no spills.
• Just click to open and seal it with one simple button.
• Accommodates a wide variety of car cup holders.

Colour: Orange
Material: Polycarbonate
Volume 300ml
Height (mm): 160
Diameter (mm): 79
Weight: 188 g

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