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Penn Spinfisher 950SSM Spinning Reel

Brand: Penn
Product Code: 1152072
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Penn Spinfisher 950SSM Spinning Reel

Penn Spinfisher 950SSM Spinning Reel - GRUNTY Penn Reel Spinfisher 950SSm PROVEN

This is one serious reel. Penn have upspeced the old 8500SS and have a real winner in this new model.

When you pick it up you feel the solid construction. Everything is heavy duty and well built. It is the kind of reel I will take to the Islands or on a Kingie trip as it has the drag and the robustness to catch the big pelagics. It is easy enough to use to give to your wife or girlfriend should she be allowed on the fishing trip!

This is out of Penn's top drawer - pass it on to your kids when you have thrashed it and they will still be able to get parts for it!

Model 950SSM
* Techno-Balanced Rotor
* Leveline Spool Wrap
* Full Metal Body Construction
* Stainless Steel Main Shaft
* Five Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
* Infinite Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing
* Sealed Drag Knob
* Penn HT100 Drags
* Corrosion-Resistant, Gold-Anodized, Machined Handle
* Fail-Free Bail Spring
* 908g
* Left or Right Hand Wind
* Designed for Saltwater
* Anodised Aluminium Spool
* Capacity 300yds 30lb Line
* Gear Ratio 4.2:1

Ideal for heavy duty spinning with jigs or poppers.
Fine with mono or braid.
Can be used for deep water
Ideal for Kingies, Giant Trevally, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi etc.

Backed by Penn Warranty.

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