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Penn Neoprene Reel Covers

Brand: Penn
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Penn Neoprene Reel Covers

Penn Neoprene Reel Covers

Protect your valuable reel with these well made neoprene reel covers. Cheap to buy but essential for the long life of your valuable reel, these covers stretch and fit well. Designed to fit on overhead reels these covers will fit onto reels while they are on the rod. Keeps out sand, salt and protects against nicks and scratches and minor impacts when reels fall.

- Penn Brand
- 5mm Neoprene
- Well Designed
- Triple Stitched
- Velcro Closure
- Can be Fitted on Reel on Rod

XX-Small Fits Small Round Baitcasters or Low Profile Reels Like Abu 5000 and 6000 series, Shimano Calcutta 400, Tica Caiman Penn 965,Etc.
X-Small Fits Smaller Boat Reels like Penn 320GT2, Penn 330GT2 Seaboy 190, ABU 7000 - 10,000, Calcutta 700, Tekota 500, 600, Daiwa SL50 & Heaps More.
Small Fits 12 - 20 Sized Reels Like Penn 345GT2, Senator 113, ABU 10,000, Tekota 600, Shimano TLD25 TLD30, Penn Squall 30, 40 & Heaps More.
Medium Fits 40-50 Sized Reels Like Penn Fathom 40, 50, Squall 40 50 Senator 114, TLD 50, Tiagra 500 Etc
Large Fits 50 Sized Reels
X-Large Fits 80W Sized Reels

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