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OverSpex Mezzo Raven & Smoke Polarised Sunglasses

Brand: Overspex
Product Code: OSM01SP
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OverSpex Mezzo Raven & Smoke Polarised Sunglasses

OverSpex Mezzo Raven & Smoke Polarised Sunglasses - Medium Size

Overspex polarised glasses easily fit over prescription glasses. 

Overspex are a great pick for wearing over your pescription glasses as they have a wide range of sizes, colours and styles to suit your personal style and needs! These glasses can be used for any manner of activities, particularly driving, fishing, skiing/snowboarding and general outdoor use. 

Fish spotting is really important in many types of fishing, particularly fly fishing, whitebaiting and saltwater fishing. Polarised lenses lessen glare, making your day in the outdoors more comfortable. The amber lens colour is considered to be the best all round colour for seeing trout and whitebait, smoke is considered better for saltwater work and driving. These glasses remove glare and fit easily over prescription glasses.

• Overspex Sunglasses
• Designed to Fit Over Glasses - OTG
• Camo Nylon Frame
• Comes with Quality Case and Cleaning Cloth
• Retaining Cord Included

Fit: Medium 
Model: Mezzo 
Lens: Smoke
Lens size: 64mm x 43mm
Temple Width: 140mm

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