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Mainlander Neoprene Knee High Gumboots

Brand: Outdoor Outfitters
Product Code: MNGBOOT
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Mainlander Neoprene Knee High Gumboots

Comfortable, Warm, grippy and long lasting,these Mainlander Neoprene Gumboots come highly recommended. Suitable for all sorts of applications. Work, general use and always easy on your feet.

Ideal for fishing the Tekapo and Twizel Canals.

Designed in New Zealand for NZ conditions and demands, then made to the highest standards and thoroughly tested in NZ’s rugged outdoor environment.

Mainlander Brand
Four-way Stretch Neoprene
Hand-laid, Durable Natural Rubber
Non-slip, Non-marking Grippy Outsole

US Size 6 -14

Size Chart
US 6 Foot Length 23.5 - 24.4cm
US 7 Foot Length 24.5 - 25.15cm
US 8 Foot Length 25.2 - 25.9cm
US 9 Foot Length 26 - 26.65cm
US 10 Foot Length 26.7 - 27.4cm
US 11 Foot Length 27.5 - 28.35cm
US 12 Foot Length 28.4 - 28.9cm
US 13 Foot Length 29 - 29.65cm
US 14 Foot Length 29.7 - 30.3cm

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