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Lox Yoshi II LS 7023 7 Foot 2 Piece Spin or Soft Bait Rod

Brand: Lox
Product Code: LYOSHI7023
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Lox Yoshi II LS 7023 7 Foot 2 Piece Spin or Soft Bait Rod

LOX liquid Oxygen rods impact you from the time that you first see them. Put them in your hand and you feel just how far ahead the cutting edge of rod technology has moved. These rods are outstanding with their light weight and exceptional feel.

This rod is versatile, the most important thing with a rod like this, capable of casting a range of light weights from 4-10gm (will cast 1-14)and doing it with the power and accuracy that the very best graphite allows. This rod uses ground breaking Toray T800H carbon, the best out there.

But lets not forget, it is its fishing ability that separates this rod out from the rivals. Ultra powerful, with outstanding feel and performance allows you to catch dream fish in exotic locations without compromise.

LOX Yoshi II LS7023
Length 7'
Rated 1-3kg
Casting Weight 4-10gm
2 Piece
Japanese Toray Carbon T800H
Tensile Modulus 42 msi
Polymer Matrix Resin System
Fast Taper
Fast Recovery
Parabolic Fighting Curve
Fuji ALC Guides
Comes with tube
Lox Guarantee

Delightful spin or soft bait rod with fantastic reach and sensitivity. Will definitely help in your fishing with casting distances and hook set.

Rod Specifications
Line Rating 01-03kg
Length 07'00"
Piece 2

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