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Lox Iridium Jig Spin 53130 5'3" PE 4-8 Boat Rod

Brand: Lox
Product Code: 91646
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Lox Iridium Jig Spin 53130 5'3" PE 4-8 Boat Rod

This Lox Rod has all the features of a leader in its class making it a delight to fish with. Physically light to handle with unparalleled power and performance, this rod is outstanding for those who want the very best feel and performance from their fishing.

Lox Ambassador Jig Spin 53130
Length 5'3"
One Piece
Spin Configuration
Line Rating PE 4-8
Jig Weight 250-400g
Metal Gimbal
HD Reel Seat
Cutting Edge X-12 42 Ton Modulus Graphite
Superb Fittings KR Guides
Comes with Hard Tube

Superbly finished, lightweight, super tough jig rod for serious casting and jig work. Great to catch a big kingies and groper with.

Rod Specifications
Line Rating 24-37kg
Length 05'04"
Piece 1

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