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Lox Ambassador 77MLT 4 Pce 7'7" Spin or Softbait Rod

Brand: Lox
Product Code: 92335
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Lox Ambassador 77MLT 4 Pce 7'7" Spin or Softbait Rod

Lox Ambassador 77MLT 7'7" 4 Piece 2-6kg Spin Rod - THE BEST Lox Ambassador 4 Pce 7'7" Rod

There is something about using the best in any field of fishing and in the case of the LOX Ambassador 4 Pce rod series, the benchmark has been set at incredibly high levels. With unparalleled performance, this rod series has the ability to cast a very wide range of lure weights with extreme accuracy and great distance effortlessly.

We have had major input in the design of these rods to cover our unique requirements in New Zealand, particularly with the development and explosion of Soft Bait fishing along with the use of specialised spinning with hard baits and smaller spin gear. For far too long we have put up with substandard rods while the fly fishing anglers have had all the quality equipment. Now at last we have rods built to the same quality as the best of the best that give outstanding results.

The use of 4 piece rods is standard in fly fishing - now you get the benefits.


This was my (Malcolm)request. I have long loved fishing the backcountry with fly but carrying a spin rod. This is the best rod I could want for this purpose. Outstanding for distance & accuracy.

Model 77MLT
4 Piece
Length 7'7"
Line Wwight 4-12lb
Cast Weight 2 - 18gm
Tooray Japanese Graphite T800H
Tensile Modulus of 42 msi
Polymer Matrix Resin System
All Up Weight 98gm
Fast to Ultra Fast Action
Infinite Fit – Wearable Ferrules
Fuji SIC Guides
Fuji Reel Seat
AAA+ Cork Split Grip
Monogrammed Hard Outer Case

Outstanding spin or soft bait rod. Ideal for lightweight lures and big fish.

Rod Specifications
Line Rating 04-06kg
Length 07'07"
Piece 4

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