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Kovea Zipsin 6 Plus Crampons

Brand: Kovea
Product Code: KOCZXNV
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Kovea Zipsin 6 Plus Crampons

Kovea Zipsin 6 Plus Crampons

Trek safely through snow and ice with the Kovea Zipsin 6 Plus crampons, made to strap onto your shoes and offer extra grip and stability. 

The stainless steel spike and chain are super strong and resistant to corrosion, and the highly elastic rubber band is freeze-resistant down to to -60º C.

For added durability, the double chain and inserts create a more robust connection between the elastic band and the inner ring. Plastic inserts are located at focal points of the Microspikes so that the rubber does not tear easily from the hinges.

With three sizes that come in different colors, it’ll be easy to find yours when everyone in the family has a pair.

• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel spike and chain
• Highly elastic rubber band, freeze-resistant to -60º C
• Double chain and inner ring
• Ergonomic peak design
• Hard carry case included

Small: 230 - 245 mm
Medium: 250 - 265 mm
Large: 270 - 285 mm

Weight (Small): 327 grams, Colour - Orange
Weight (Medium): 335 grams, Colour - Green
Weight (Large): 345 grams, Colour - Blue


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