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Kovea Gas - 230g Iso-Butane Canister

Brand: Kovea
Product Code: KOCGXN408
Availability: In Stock

Kovea Gas - 230g Iso-Butane Canister

Kovea Gas - 230g Iso-Butane Canister

For premium blend iso-butane gas, Kovea has you covered. This versatile blend ensures excellent power in all weather conditions; even when the temperature drops below zero. Handy screw top can enables ease of use and transport. 

Each cylinder will provide approximately 1 - 2 hours burn time and features a bayonet style self sealing safety valve so that you can remove the cylinder from the appliance when not in use.

• Butane Plus / Propane Mix
• Screw Top

Weight: 230g
Contents: Iso-Butane 28%, Propane 26%, N-Butane (LPG) 45%

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