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Jarvis Walker Collapsible Bait Catcher

Brand: Jarvis Walker
Product Code: 35032
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Jarvis Walker Collapsible Bait Catcher

Jarvis Walker Collapsible Bait Catcher

This is the ideal thing to keep the kids occupied or to catch those hard to get baits. This trap folds flat for easy storage and works really well. Simply put in a bait of bread, cat food, burley or some other food and watch the fish and crabs come in!

Jarvis Walker Collapsible
Sturdy Construction
Spring Loaded
Entrance hole measures 5cm diameter.
Dimensions 490 x 250 x 250mm
Compartment for Putting Bait
Easy & Effective to Use
Folds Flat for Storage

Easy to use - as it springs open. Put bait or burley in the zippered compartment, lower into water and the fish of crabs move in through the holes at both ends. Unit has a zipper for getting out fish and crabs.

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