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Jarvis Marine Watersnake Kayak Bracket Combo

Brand: Jarvis Marine - Watersnake
Product Code: WNMMXN660

Jarvis Marine Watersnake Kayak Bracket Combo

The all-new Watersnake Kayak Bracket is a revolutionary kayak bracket changing the way kayakers think about putting an electric motor on a kayak. In the past, kayak and canoe owners were often forced to make their own. The patented new design from Watersnake was created to make it easy to attach Watersnake Electric Motors to kayaks and canoes. The Watersnake Kayak Bracket is the first of its kind and is exclusively designed for the Watersnake ASP-T18 and ASP-T24 Electric Motors, but will also suit motors up to 34lb thrust providing the shaft diameter is not more than 25mm. The universal design is suitable for most kayaks and canoes.

Watersnake Universal Electric Motor Mount for Kayaks and Canoes are available in a bundle with a motor and sold separately for those who already have a Watersnake Electric Trolling Motor. The bracket provides infinite angle for the best position when using Watersnake Electric Motors.

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