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Fishing the Tekapo Twizel Canals

Twizel Tekapo Canals a World Class Fishery

The emergence of a world class fishery for salmon, brown and rainbow trout in the Central South Island of New Zealand has been a magnet for anglers from all over the world as they try to catch extraordinary fish in a fantastic unspoiled environment.

The Canal system is situated near Twizel and Tekapo townships. The canals themselves run from Lake Tekapo to Lake Pukaki and from both Lakes Pukaki and Ohau to Lake Benmore giving over 150 kilometres of pristine water for trout and salmon to thrive in with outstanding growth rates. If you have a licence you can fish those 150km all year round.

Add to the mix several extensive salmon farms into the already rich food environment and out of this come spectacular fish with high numbers over 10lb and significant numbers of fish in the twenty pound class and more and more reports of 30lb plus fish. This is extraordinary by world standards.

Methods of catching fish are constantly being refined with all sorts of innovative techniques rewarding the angler who is determined to understand what is going on with the reward of more fish caught. There has been a move from predominantly bait fishing to soft baiting, spinning and latterly drift fishing with egg patterns that has seen more anglers having the sweet taste of success.

This page and the “How To” videos are designed to give you the angler a head start in catching these magnificent fish. We have put together a top selection of tackle to catch more fish.

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