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Gasmate Gas - 450g Butane Gas Canister

Brand: Gasmate
Product Code: Gm040-003
Availability: In Stock

Gasmate Gas - 450g Butane Gas Canister

Gasmate Gas - 450g Iso-Butane Gas Canister - Gasmate 450gm Gas Cannister Threaded

These canisters should fit onto most threaded modern gas cookers. They will last for ages and have a 75% Butane 25% Propane mix which makes them operate better in colder weather or higher altitudes.

Each cylinder will provide approximately 2 - 4 hours burn time and features a bayonet style self sealing safety valve so that you can remove the cylinder from the appliance when not in use

• High Performance
• Screw type connection

75/25 Butane/Propane mix
Weight: 450g
Size: 100 W x 160 H (mm)

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