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Fly Tying Vise Lever Action Model "Terra" EASY TO USE

Product Code: T08173
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Fly Tying Vise Lever Action Model "Terra" EASY TO USE

Modeled off the American built Regal vise, the Terra 8173 Rotating Spring Action is wonderfully easy to use with a one stroke operation clamping or releasing the hook. Many of my fly tyers use this model for commercial tying. The jaws hold the hook firmly and are made of high grade steel to last and last. Easy adjustment, firm hold, tilt and rotation and a wide range of hook sizes.

Model Terra
Rotating Spring Action Vise
Hardened Steel Jaws
Brass Fittings
Tilt able
One Action Operation
Secure Holding of Hooks
Holds from 6/0 to #20

Well made and easy to use, this vise is used by amateurs and semi professionals alike. Recommended.

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