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Fly Master Thermax Neoprene Chest Waders

Brand: Riverworks
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Fly Master Thermax Neoprene Chest Waders

Fly Master Thermax Neoprene Chest Waders - Thermax Neoprene Chest Waders Super Comfy!

Ruggedly built with a fantastic boot, these are the best buy in an imported neoprene chest wader we have sold.

These chest waders from Thermax are top value. Tough 4.0 mm neoprene with grunty solid rubber boots (not PVC).
If you are sick of wandering up river beds and feeling every rock and stone digging into your heals then these waders are for you!

These are the best of the imported waders I have seen and well worth the bit extra over the "Cheapies"

• Thermax 'Duraprene' Chest Waders
• 4.0mm Neoprene
• Super Chunky Rubber Boot
• Wide Comfortable Shoulder Straps
• Gusseted Crutch
• Adjustable Buckles

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