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Fluorocarbon Tippet Double X 4lb - 13lb

Brand: Double X
Product Code: DXFC50M
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Fluorocarbon Tippet Double X 4lb - 13lb

Years of serious fly fishing has given me the opportunity to try all sorts of new products and materials. When I tried this Double X fluorocarbon the performance was so outstanding that I chucked out all the other tippet I had and took a range of sizes in this for all my fly fishing. What I particularly love about this is the suppleness to use and tie with, durability, and knot strength.

Double X Brand
50 Meter Rolls
Fantastic Durability & Abrasion Resistance
Non Hygroscopic
Low Reflection
High Specific Gravity
Excellent Knot Strength
Low Diameter for Strength
Available in Either
* 4lb
* 5lb
* 6lb
* 7lb
* 8lb
* 11lb
* 13lb
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