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Deeper Start Smart Fishfinder (Wifi)

Brand: Deeper Sonar
Product Code: ITGAM0431
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Deeper Start Smart Fishfinder (Wifi)

Deeper Start Smart Fishfinder (Wifi)

For anglers, Deeper means powerful and accurate, and the Deeper START is no exception. 
It has a huge casting range of 165ft / 50m and a scanning depth of 165ft / 50m. And it's a 
fish finder you can trust.

Its Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone or tablet gives a stronger connection, bigger range and up to 
10 x faster data transfer than Bluetooth. This means instant, accurate data on your screen. 
Plus it makes 10 scans per second, giving it great fish identification accuracy.

• Lighter weight for even easier casting
• Massive Casting Range
• Cast out using virtually any line and a range of different rods
• Every scan is automatically saved
• The START’s new design makes it super easy to reel in, and features an inbuilt, automatically activated LED for great visibility in all conditions.
• Find Fish
• Know Fish Size & Depth
• Scan Deeper

Material: ABS
Frequency (Beam cone): 120 kHz, 40°
Depth Range Max:165ft/50 m,
Depth Rang Min: 1.6ft / 0.5 m
Sonar Scan: 10 scans per second
Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
Connection type: Wireless Wi-Fi connection
Charging Time: 2.5 hours
Colour: Black / Orange
Weight: 60g

Ideal for shore anglers who want a simple, powerful and affordable fishfinder to help them catch more. 

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