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Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin 1000 Electric Reel

Brand: Daiwa
Product Code: DAFSH1003XXXXX
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Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin 1000 Electric Reel

Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin 1000 Electric Reel - OUTSTANDING VALUE

From Daiwa, the leaders in electric reel technology, comes this "Top of the Line" Seaborg Megatwin 1000MT reel that represents the best that is out there. Like all of Daiwa’s Dendoh Style reels, the new 12-Volt powered Seaborg Megatwin model offers significant advantages over the bulky, unwieldy electric reels previously available to deep-drop anglers. They are smaller, lighter and easier to use than ordinary “electrics.” Yet, despite their sleek, lightweight design, these reels give up nothing when it comes to power and performance. The Seaborg boasts 20kg of maximum continuous (75 kg max. instant winding power) winding power and can retrieve up to 200m per minute!.

It is easy and intuative to use with new and innovative technology so you can catch more fish and have more fun doing it.

Daiwa’s new Seaborg Megatwin Dual Speed Reels take deep-drop fishing innovation to a whole new level, allowing anglers to shift instantly between high-power and high-speed ranges with the push of a button. Technologically advanced yet easy-to-use Seaborg Megatwin lets you increase either retrieve speed or winding power to suit the particular angling situation. Want to bring up your rig at warp speed to re-bait? No problem – just use the high-speed mode. Need extra torque to move big fish off the bottom? You can turn your Seaborg into a super-winch by simply pressing the “power” button. Having two speed ranges on demand ushers in a new era of functionality for deep drop fishing, making accessing and landing some of the oceans biggest, best eating game fish easier and more efficient than ever.

-23 Ball Bearings (12 CRBB)
-Gear Ratio 2.4:1
-Line Capacity 880Yds 80lb Braid
-Maximum Drag 22Kg

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