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Daiwa Evo Tournament Braid 15lb 150m Chartreuse Our Favourite

Brand: Daiwa
Product Code: DAFNBN615XX015
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Daiwa Evo Tournament Braid 15lb 150m Chartreuse Our Favourite

Daiwa Evo Tournament Braid 15lb 150m Chartreuse.

This is our favourite braid and for good reason. We have been fishing the Twizel Canals extensively using eggs and softbaits. Often we use really light weights to get the best possible drift and catch more fish. This braid is the best we have ever used for several reasons. Firstly we have never had a braid as slick as this - it flies through the guides and gives unrivaled distance. It is ultra reliable and lasts extremely well. I have had this on my reel for almost a season and it is brightly coloured, slick and in one tight strand. It is really easy to knot and keeps its strength.

Daiwa Tournament 8 Evo
15lb Breaking Strain
PE #1.2
Chartreuse Colour
8 Strand
Round Profile
Extra High Abrasion Resistance
Super Smooth Surface Coating
Super Soft and Flexible
No Stretch
Made in Japan

The best braid we have ever used. Ideal for using trout fishing - fantastic for Canal fishing.

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