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Crucis Elite Empire OH 541H 5'4" 1 Piece 24-37kg Cast Rod

Brand: Crucis
Product Code: 92234
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Crucis Elite Empire OH 541H 5'4" 1 Piece 24-37kg Cast Rod

Designed with very serious fishing in mind, the Crucis Elite Empire OH541H rod has set new benchmarks in extreme performance. Incredibly light to hold, yet stunningly powerful, this "state of the art" rod is just what you need when investing in the best results after truly heavy duty fish. Supertough and meticulously designed this rod takes your fishing to the next dimension. Designed for serious jig, bottom and slow jig fishing, the Crucis Elite Empire is a winner in its category.

Crucis Elite Empire OH 541H
Length 5'4"
One Piece
Designed for Overhead Reel Configuration
IM8 40 Ton Japanese "Toray" High Performance Graphite
Cutting Edge Nano III Technology
jig Weight 200 to 400gm
Line Class PE 6-8
SIC Guides
HD Reel Seat
Metal Gimbal
Top Quality Fittings

Very light in the hand yet very very powerful, this rod is mainly used for vertical jigging for the monster pelagics Like Kingies, GT's and Dog Tooth Tuna, but brilliant for all your bottom fishing needs. Can happily be used as a trolling rod.

Rod Specifications
Line Rating 24-37kg
Length 05'04"
Piece 1

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