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Crucis Chief VDB5000 Spin or Soft Bait Reel

Brand: Crucis
Product Code: VDB5000
Availability: In Stock

Crucis Chief VDB5000 Spin or Soft Bait Reel

From Crucis comes this Ultra Strong and very light spin or soft bait reel series called the "Chief", designed with braid in mind. It is saltwater friendly with its 7 double sealed stainless steel ball bearings and has a solid feel. Its massive 8kg drag will stop those big fish and give you the control.

Model Crucis Chief VDB 5000
7 Ball Bearings + 1 Anti Reverse Bearing
Capacity 140yd 16lb Mono
Capacity 200yds 30lb Braid
Gear Ratio 4.6:1
Max Drag 8kg
Weight 260gm

Ideal as a mid priced spin or soft bait reel for both fresh and salt water applications. Has a really powerful drag and is physically light for easy handling when doing serious fishing. Ideal as a salmon or rock reel.

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