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Crucis Chief VDB3500 Spinning Reel

Brand: Crucis
Product Code: VDB3500
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Crucis Chief VDB3500 Spinning Reel

Crucis Chief VDB3500 Spinning Reel - STRONG DRAG Spin Reel Crucis Chief 3500

From Crucis comes this Ultra Strong and very light spin reel series designed with braid in mind and saltwater friendly with its 7 double sealed stainless steel ball bearings. Its massive 6kg drag will stop those big fish and give you control.

Model Crucis Chief VDB 3500
7 Ball Bearings + 1 Anti Reverse Bearing
Gear Ratio 5:1
Line Capacity 18yd 10lb Mono
Line Capacity 300yds 20lb Braid
Line Retrieval per Turn 30 Inches
Weight 245gm
Maximum Drag 6.5kg

Ideal as a mid priced spin or soft bait reel for both fresh and salt water applications. Has a really powerful drag and is physically light for easy handling when doing serious fishing.

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