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Crucis AEGIS 7823F 7'8" 2 Piece 1-3kg Spin Rod

Brand: Crucis
Product Code: 91888F
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Crucis AEGIS 7823F 7'8" 2 Piece 1-3kg Spin Rod

Crucis Aegis 7823F 7'8" 2 Piece 1-3kg - New Model

The latest generation of this rod has a slightly beefed up tip which is light but has a little more backbone than its predecessor.

This fantastic Crucis AEG7823F rod redefines what is good in an ultralight rod with a killer action. The tip is sensitive and powerful with the agility and sensitivity to cast 1 gram jigs and the butt has the grunt to land a 30lb trout or salmon. This is a magnificent rod for small hard bodied baits capable of casting them big distances in a lake or river and opening up fishing opportunities that have not been available before because previous rods didn't have the right action.

The South Island canals are incredibly productive especially when using light soft eggs and smaller lure baits and this rod is the best for that application I have seen. It has length yet is crisp and light.

Crucis AEGIS 7823F
Length 7'8"
2 Piece
Line Rating 1-3kg
Lure Cast Weight 2-13gm
40 Ton Japanese Graphite
Braid Friendly Guides
Beautifully Appointed
Superb Quality Fittings
Comes with Cloth Bag

Outstanding light spin or softbait rod. Ideally suited for casting lighter lures and baits. Highly recommended for lakes and the canals where distance is a real advantage.

Rod Specifications
Line Rating 01-03kg
Length 07'08"
Piece 2

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