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Cleardrift Soft Eggs 8mm Hot Pink

Brand: Cleardrift Tackle
Product Code: CGHP8MM
Availability: In Stock

Cleardrift Soft Eggs 8mm Hot Pink

Cleardrift Soft Eggs 8mm Hot Pink

Cleardrift have produced a premium soft bead egg imitation that is highly successful at catching trout and salmon in all sorts of waterways. Whether fishing a spawning run in river, setting up an ambush on a lake edge or tempting those huge trout from the Tekapo and Twizel canals, Cleardrift eggs have become a sensation.

UV Glow
Diameter 8mm
Colour Hot Pink
Approx 25 per Pack
Canadian Made

The hottest new bait for catching big trout and salmon at the Canals. Really good in lakes, rivers and anywhere trout are on a spawning run.

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