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Canal Egg Drifting Kit Rigged

Brand: Complete Angler
Product Code: CANALRKIT
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Canal Egg Drifting Kit Rigged

Canal Egg Drifting Kit Rigged. This kit is designed to give you a variety of different colour and sized eggs to give you the best chance of getting the fish of a lifetime. Proven fish catchers, these eggs will really help in catching more fish. Eggs are pre-rigged on a hook so all you have to do is to tie them on.

With the changing methods for catching those big fish from the Twizel & Tekapo Canals, egg drifting has proven to be extremely effective. The canals have a huge stock of outstanding fish and they can be tricky to catch. Not only that, the speed of the canals is constantly changing with the way electricity is generated. The faster the flow, the heavier the sinker you use.

This kit helps you get into this productive method and offers variety in the size of eggs and sinkers. We have found that changing egg size and colour is a real key to catching more fish.

Egg colours may vary according to availability.

8 x Cleardrift 8mm Eggs - Assorted Colours
8 x Cleardrift 6mm Eggs - Assorted Colours

1 x Small Tackle Box

18 x Assorted Dropshot or Slip Sinkers
- 3 each of 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Ounce

Ideal setup to drift fish the canals. Proven fish catchers.

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