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Bite Tarakihi Tempter Flash Rig 3/0

Brand: Bite Fishing NZ
Product Code: FR3HTTM3/0
Availability: In Stock

Bite Tarakihi Tempter Flash Rig 3/0

Bite Tarakihi Tempter Flash Rig 3/0

This bite flasher rig is designed to be used with the lightest sinker you can use to get to where you need. The Tarakihi Tempter is a great colour pattern mixed with lumo to target all of your favorite species. They are built on a super tough 80lbs backbone to keep tangles down and strength up. The Recurve hooks allow for the fish to hook themselves.

80lbs line.
double ledger rig
lumo beads and wings on the flashers on 3/0 recurve hooks

These are great for all your favorite species ie. cod, gurnard, groper, snapper, tarakihi, and many more.

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