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Bite Surfcasting Pulley Rig 3/0 + 4/0

Brand: Bite Fishing NZ
Product Code: SCFR2T3+4

Bite Surfcasting Pulley Rig 3/0 + 4/0

Bite Surfcasting Rig Flasher 3/0 + 4/0

Want to cast further than your friends or just get that little bit further out the back. This pulley rig is the kit for you. Just clip the hook to the impact shield near the sinker and you will streamline your baits so they fly more aerodynamically to your target. Once there the bullet floats keep your baits off the bottom and away from pesky crabs. The pulley rig allows the fish to nibble onto the baits with out the baits pulling back, which means more hook ups per cast. Get one and catch more fish.

80lbs line.
one pulley rig
two traces with bullet floats and hooks

These are great for all inshore species ie. cod, gurnard, elephant fish, rig, snapper, trevally, and many more.

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