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Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging KR-X 6 3" 2 Piece 4-7kg (SXLC-632-150) Rod

Brand: Abu Garcia
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Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging KR-X 6'3" 2 Piece 4-7kg (SXLC-632-150) Rod

Abu Salty Stage KR-X Light Jigging SXLC-632-150 Rod - Abu Garcia Salty Stage Light Jigging KR-X 6'3" 2 Piece 4-7kg (SXLC-632-150) Rod

Regular and extra fast actions designed for maximum jig action and fish fighting performance incorporating super lightweight rod design and components. Abu Garcia Salty Stage rods are designed in Japan for the ultimate in micro and light jigging performance. Featuring the latest in Japanese jig rod design, quality components and striking cosmetics.
Powerful composite blanks incorporate carbon and glass with carbon x wrap to reduce rod twist and increase power. The lightweight properties of the Fuji KR concept guide system improves the blank action while tight line control achieved with reduced diameter KR ring sizes improves sensitivity, particularly on the drop when jigging. Salty Stage rods feature a sophisticated grip design that delivers a lightweight and ergonomic grip system developed for unparalleled comfort and control.
The five model line up includes four spin and one overhead model. Spin models include a 6’1’’ PE 3/150 gram max jig, 6’0’’ PE 4/180 gram max jig, 5’7’’ PE 4/210 gram max jig and 6’2’’ PE3-5/250 max jig. The overhead model is a 6’3’’ PE 3 with a max jig weight of 150 grams.

Model number: SXLC-632-150-KR
Pieces: 2
Length: 6ft 3in
Weight: 148g
Carbon content: 98% carbon, glass 2%
Lure weight: max ~ 150g
PE Line: max ~ 1.5g
Type: Overhead

Rod Specifications
Line Rating 04-06kg
Length 06'03"
Piece 2

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