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Abel Sealed Drag 6/7 Weight Reel

Brand: Abel Reels
Product Code: 006/276/006/25
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Abel Sealed Drag 6/7 Weight Reel

Abel Sealed Drag 6/7 Slate with Blue III knob and cap

The new Abel Sealed Drag Fly Reels combine Abel's distinctive beauty and craftsmanship with a new, high-tech, sealed drag system for maintenance-free performance and corrosion resistance. The 6/7 size is the ideal New Zealand fly reel and will accommodate six- and seven-weight fly lines equally well. The machined aluminum and Rulon stacked disc drag system yields incredibly low startup inertia – an important quality when using thin tippet for massive Trout, Salmon, and kahawai. A few clicks of the angled cam system drag knob to activate the draw bar tightening system, and you will easily slow down even the fastest fish in the heaviest currents. Waterproof lubrication inside the system keeps the spool spinning freely at low drag settings, and Abel's proprietary gasket seal permanently protects the system against dirt and moisture. With the introduction of the new Sealed Drag Reels, fly fishermen now have a beautiful, maintenance-free option that is unmistakably Abel.

Slate cage and spool with Blue III drag knob and spool cap
Maintenance-free drag system
Fully sealed to resist corrosion, dirt, and water
Machined aluminum frame, spool, and handle
Draw bar tightening system
Made in the U.S.A.

Weight: 6.3oz, 176 grams
spool diameter: 3.65inches, 9cm
spool width: 0.75inches, 1.87cm
Capacity: wf5f 150yards 20lbs backing, wf7f 125yards 20lbs backing

This is the only Abel Sealed Drag currently in New Zealand. So if you want the ultimate reel and to be truly unique, get this beautifully designed work of art.

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