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Aarn Effortless Rhythm 65L or 72L

Brand: Aarn
Product Code: AARNERV
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Aarn Effortless Rhythm 65L or 72L

Aarn Effortless Rhythm 65L or 72L - *THE BEST* Aarn Effortless Rhythm 65L or 72L

This is our staff pick for a top end, all round tramping pack. The hipbelt is fully adjustable in terms of angle and width and has a special bar designed to transfer the weight of the load to the front of your hips, helping to create a more natural balance. The shoulder straps are height adjustable and mould to any body shape.

A popular feature with this pack is that it is completely waterproof as it comes with a built-in liner. This enables you to float the pack accross rivers.

It is made from tough cordura and ripstop nylon so that it can cope with our rugged landscape and native bush.

Our customers have raved about the comfort and practicality of this pack. In my opinion it is the best pack around for 2-7 day trips.

My favorite feature is the flow-mo system. This is a free motion system designed to let you move freely even with the pack on. Most standard packs have a fixed harness which means that if you want to raise your arms or twist your upper body, you must move inside of the shoulder straps and hipbelt. This can cause scraping, chaffing and pain. The Flow-mo harness stays stationary on your body but moves seperate from the pack via moveable straps. This allows you to twist and move as the harness moves wherever you do.

A twin compartment, streamlined hiking and climbing pack that will easily hold a week's gear.

The separate bottom compartment has a roll closure and its own waterproof liner. Add Balance Pockets for efficient, pain-free bodypacking.

Available in:
- 65L (Small)
- 72L (Large)

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